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this poor guy just can t stop from crying out loud .

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a smile is an expression of face which is form by flexing the muscles at the side of the mouth a smile is a necessary expression for everyone because smile .

i am pretty much unable to smile while trying to use all my brain power to copy a lot of random foot and arm motions .

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image may contain one or more people and text .

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treat yourself to free zumba during treat yourself week join us on tuesday and thursday 10 11 and 10 13 from 7 45 8 45pm or wednesday 10 12 from .

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join us on april 26th for zumba .

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the class is lead by a qualified zumba fitness instructor using a watch and follow method the movements and steps are extremely easy to follow and .

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smile it s a language which we all understand .

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church for zumba class 5 per person anyone over 13 years old is welcome wear comfortable gym clothes soft sole shoes bring water a smile .

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movements inspired by various styles of latin american dance and performed primarily to latin american dance music you will sweat and smile your way to .

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we will be starting a toning zumba fitness class this thursday at 7 00 p m here at the church building the class will take place every two weeks the 1st .

zumba .

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see you guys and thanks for your smile every day after each class is our inspiration to be better .

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