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the top of the fox skull is flat with a small dip at the start of the nose .

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deer skulls vary hugely in size from chinese water deer about 12cm long to red deer can be up to 38cm long but all are roughly the same shape and .

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if you re interested in learning more about the meanings behind different skull tattoo designs check out our skull tattoo dictionary below .

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the latest report from the british big cats society not only reveals startling new evidence for big cats in britain but also that the numbers roaming our .

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roe deer skulls are always smaller than red deer skulls even a baby red deer skull is bigger than an adult roe deer skull .

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badger skulls are about 13 cm long slightly smaller than a fox they feel more thick and more robust than the fox and also feels more heavy because the .

they are a type of deer which were brought over to the uk the only types that have always lived in the uk are red and .

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two jaws and other bones pictured have led scientists to identify a new branch .

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stoat skull the stoat or ermine mustela erminea feeds on small mammals such as rabbits and water voles as well as birds earthworms and berries .

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german accused of trying to smuggle human skulls from papua .

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