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pentoolsuser i am very sick please pray for me .

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a very sick newborn baby girl holds her father s finger as she sleeps while being fed through a nose tube .

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chris cleave quote looking after a very sick child was the olympics of parenting .

i m growing very weary of certain isms in my life that dividing greek suffix that forms abstract nouns of action state condition or doctrine .

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this week i made a singular lapse in judgment i had some oral surgery and the dentist prescribed two prescriptions a suped up ibuprofen for pain and .

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she s very very sick but she s .

farher son duos are really badass and cool naruto is filled with lessons regarding family and father son relationship is an important one in naruto .

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it s been so long since i ve posted i ve also neglected my sponsor duties the last week or so i ve just been very sick i ve had a cough for about two .

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i don t get sick very often so when i do i get very very very sick .

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sick note hi boss no can go to work today very sick ho chow solly boss boss ho chow when i m sick i ask my wife for sex then i m ok and .

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i am very sick and getting worse so if i do not reply right away to any messages that is why now i must finish all my science homework so everyone good .

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be online because i m truly sick i have fulls attacks of hyperventilation hyperventilation is ur heart going fast and ur respiration is very .

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i am very sick probably need to go to the doctor instead i m going to .

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but i want to let you neko s know that i m sick and things make me extremely busy but since i m here .

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