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on this page you will want to create a new database i ve called it verify and set the collation to utf8 general ci we will then setup the database schema .

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since the links are in italian you might need to experiment a little bit to find the category that you want to browse through .

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our next outing was very random and we decided to head down to southwest kansas in hopes of finding something different than colorado .

out of all the most random things by janicethefurry .

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using a similar technique as the random text php code here is a simple code snippet that chooses an image file at random and displays it in a browser .

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now you can see the widget displaying old posts chosen automatically since we have added it to the sidebar this is how it looks .

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random image class is a php class which you can use to randomly rotate image you can use it to display random images from a specific folder .

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it will also encourage people to commit random acts of kindness which is very important to me .

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images are randomly rotated by css duplicate .

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in the upload files area click on the choose file button to browse your computer it would be wise to have edited the dimensions for the images to fit .

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