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insert the highlite image code using the img tag into the post .

how to link a picture into a thread photo heavy archive the long hair community discussion boards .

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now your image post is complete .

i like the free postimage for pics .

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once you ve uploaded a photo to postimage select the little icon to the right of direct link and the code will be copied .

once it s up copy the direct link to the image .

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how does this look original thank you for the help url https postimages org .

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note that when you insert the code you will only see the code it won t look like a pic but when you publish the thread it will show up as a pic .

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ok if you upload your photo you will see this the part you need to put between the img tags ive highlighted in red starting at http .

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you can upload more go to that folder home etc i clicked the name of the folder i m using for this tutorial help files so i could access all the .

click on choose image see arrow and select which picture you want to upload from your device once you have selected it wait until the website finishes .

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you need to select hotlink for forums to post a large image .

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here we alter the display a bit so we can compare ram settings 3 speeds are tested actually two of these are not exciting .

also if you want to quickly upload an image to a public image host like a game screen capture you can use postimage io and it will give you an option .

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i added url http postimg org to url http postimg cc and that fixes the links in the thumbnails .

how to link a picture into a thread photo heavy archive the long hair community discussion boards .

3 paste that image url in the image column next to its corresponding product in your inventory spreadsheet you can download a template spreadsheet here .

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you can upload more go to that folder home etc i clicked the name of the folder i m using for this tutorial help files so i could access all the .

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here the majority of options are self explanatory i almost always opt for direct link as i ll explain later if you click the little symbol to the .

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the fake behind something that s standard .

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to post pictures upload them to www postimages org and copy paste the link here .

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and then click on upload following screen will come to your screen .

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the image will be inserted into your post .

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tom b and moose pointed out that some of my pictures in the brisket td thread were no longer showing up when i went to the postimg org site i saw this .

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people who don t know to write img probably can t differentiate the bb code link either and if you put this link in your post you have .

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now go back to your post your editing here on the forum and select all the html text of that image this time not just the url and paste ctrl v what .

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step 3 after having direct link go to saleshandy webapp in that mail merge campaign email template or email body wherever you wish to upload image .

random black dots problem .

preview website embed codes upload by url .

signature gif3 gif .

it s possible to update the information on postimage org or report it as discontinued duplicated or spam .

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now you can choose the size you want the image to come out in .

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for postimg org you upload them and use this link just add the img brackets when you paste .

here s what your csv spreadsheet should look like once you have pasted the image urls into your third column .

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image host request postimage org enhancement request issue 472 sharex sharex github .

screenshot .

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click choose images and upload a photo off your hard drive you can choose to upload the photo to a specific folder very helpful in the long term .

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uploading images posting at freeil2modding .

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once all of that is done start your thread here or wherever and when you have the cursor exactly where you want the pic hold down control and press v .

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now copy and paste the direct link into your post preferably using the insert image icon .

https postimages org first then .

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installation via git composer fails wrong php version .

unfortunately it s still one post at a time so al s 17 pages is rather daunting i m not sure whether postimage themselves can fix that hotlink for forum .

another cool thing which i like about postimage is that it provides you a number of links after the upload you can use these links to access the image .

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grabbing the link or code simply select your code and paste boom done .

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how to create html page and send html email .

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