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yanlev shutterstock com 11 best karaoke songs for people who can t sing .

if you don t brush and floss daily eat and drink healthy and see a dentist regularly this could be your teeth on the way to decay .

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research shows that working together boosts motivation .

29 final photos of well known people before they died .

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what really happens when you don t brush your teeth .

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looking after your teeth is vital for all round health last week research .

seven million britons do not brush their teeth regularly 21 per cent fail to floss .

13 haunting and sad photos of people taken for the last time before they died .

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transforming discussions of death .

teeth heal themselves to a certain extent but due to a lack of the right cells they have no chance against visible caries .

four years ago latino usa producer antonia cereijido was only an intern and still in college when she did was a lot of people do when they re not sure what .

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the human relevance of tears we cry because we need other people .

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record low unemployment and record high number of people working due to scott walker s policies .

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haunting peaches geldof was haunted by the belief that her fate was preordained .

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23 haunting photos of famous people before they died .

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13 haunting photos of famous people before they died .

a quarter of brits have gone a day without brushing their teeth .

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5 matthew booth died for 20 minutes when he was rushed to hospital and it saved his life .

graphic design work is very collaborative with designers often teaming up with copywriters photographers and others who contribute to the finished design .

shoppers on oxford street in london on the last week before christmas .

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a cosplay went wrong but at least we got to see a really great tattoo .

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four in 10 people don t brush their teeth every day study claims .

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some people have said that i m a manhater or that i m bitter about guys that may or may not be true but there is one thing that i think would help the .

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30 haunting photos of famous people before they died .

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urmila chaudhary 23 is a former kamalari child servant from nepal she was in kathmandu when the 7 8 magnitude earthquake destroyed the city .

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people in need to do hard work and to continue doing good things if someone is in love it can be seen on their faces and can be read in their eyes .

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gabriella hernandez posted this photo on facebook before she committed suicide in the year 2013 click on the next page to read more .

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