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10 day old kitten survives dog attack .

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everywhere we look there are cats and kittens hearts united for animals has had to expand the cat quarters making temporary housing in the clinic building .

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it was great meeting you finally and i just want to say thank you for allowing us to take two of your precious kittens to become a part of our family .

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sometimes she can be the court jester .

elfie the rescue dwarf cat meet elfie a kitty of small stature who was .

similar to a baby shower warl s kitten shower is a great opportunity to help the shelter prepare for the upcoming kitten season .

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the harris county animal shelter has received more than 200 kittens that are too young to .

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come out to the pet valu on arthur street in thunder bay on saturday february 10 to meet our adorable adoptable cats and kittens while you re there .

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while kittens are generally highly adoptable there are simply too many of them in shelters for them all to find homes in fact over the past two years .

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los angeles animal shelters including this one in van nuys say they are at capacity for cats and kittens officials are putting out an urgent call for .

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miniature tiger sharks are expected to make landfall in pasadena this april as kitten season 2018 washes ashore every year animal shelters around the .

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