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our lord jesus christ is true god and true man as god he is equal with the father and the holy ghost he is infinite almighty eternal .

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god loves us just as we are but too much to let us stay that way .

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pageantry ceremony and ritual are part of everyday life in sri lanka no matter where you travel to in any part of the country or when you are bound to be .

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is a way to declare god s goodness to my heart not just his goodness to me but his sovereign goodness in all things in john 10 32 jesus speaks of the .

so he ascended from the vimana and prayed to god shiva asking for aremedy shiva advised rama to install four lingams at manavari trinco .

god loves us though we re flawed .

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you don t have to lead a renounced order of life i mean you don t have to abandon your goal s ambitions in life do your work dedicate your work believe in .

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although god skanda is predominantly a hindu god the shrine is visited by buddhists and hindus alike as devotees usually visit to make supplication for .

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a dancer depicting the hindu monkey god hanuman performs during the kataragama festival in southern sri .

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for there is one god and one mediator between god and men the man christ jesus .

he is one of the ideal gods that the kids and children love which largely due to his playful sweet happy and cute character lord krishna is a happy god .

but always this god likes to help people without care nation religion or casts this god has two wives called as tavaniamma walliamma kataragama god .

god made each of them the same would have been a disappointment to the lord he loves us all it s through his love that we are to love one another .

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among the hundreds of visitors to catch a glimpse of the god mahesh kathuria 50 a local businessman who came to see the calf said god has taken .

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can anything ever separate us from christ s love does it mean he no longer loves us if we have trouble or calamity or are persecuted or hungry .

kataragama deviyo is identified with god skanda of hinduism .

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praise of god killed snake killer and the red sea that killed 320 tourists and 125 egyptian diver and has been the killers by a professional team of .

you can thank god for showing you that you truly can do all things through christ jesus who strengthens you phil 4 13 .

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divine chants of lord krishna are chanting the names of god which give peace of mind listening to these divine names of lord krishna regularly gives lot .

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god loves us unconditnally no matter what i imagine it is not hard for him to do since he is all powerful and we are his creation yet we are weak humans .

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jesus christ the only mediator between god and man there is none other like him .

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in the beginning god created the earth he created man from dust in his own image and gave man a breath of life from this very moment man received along .

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