this photo provided by twentieth century fox film corporation shows snoopy and charlie brown from charles .

which peanuts character is known for her naturally curly hair .

vintage 1965 snoopy notebook peanuts characters .

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gnaw a furry artist has created a series of illustrations portraying the peanuts gang as contemporary manga characters despite the enormous difference in .

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happy 65th anniversary to charlie brown and the peanuts gang .

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10 peanuts quotes to make you smile on the comic strip s 68th anniversary .

family album is the first detailed exploration of the entire peanuts universe from its most iconic personalities to its most obscure characters .

the peanuts characters were created by charles schulz and are licensed in over 100 countries .

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here s what you look like as a peanuts character .

the peanuts gang gets into apps .

peanut .

peanuts animated series heads to boomerang .

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sally brown is the younger sister of charlie brown she s always going by different philosphies she is known for being in love with linus and calling him .

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franklin is one of the only african american characters in the peanuts gang he is also on charlie brown s baseball team and plays center field .

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charlie brown is often remembered for his endearing heart even in the midst of constantly failing he always messes up at kicking the football .

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charlie brown snoopy and the gang are getting ready to hit the big screen in the peanuts movie out november 6 to prep the leading ladies for their big .

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the only peanuts character who wears glasses marcie is peppermint patty s best friend who also has a crush on charlie brown .

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