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the nexus 6p is the bigger phone it s 3 percent taller and 4 percent wider than the oneplus 3 .

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google promised to release android 8 1 oreo developer preview to its pixel and nexus smartphones and it seems like google is keeping true to its word .

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the nexus 5x nexus 6p and pixel c won t receive the final build of android p google has confirmed the news arrives via ars technica and follows soon .

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once downloaded and installed both roms will immediately bring the wonderful android 8 1 experience to the supported devices namely nexus 6p 5x and 5 .

a quick look around the 6p s edges reveals a headphone jack on the top a nano sim slot on the left and a usb type c connector on the bottom .

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google just took the wraps off android 8 0 oreo which we ve known only as android o for the last few months the source code is being pushed to aosp today .

the google nexus 6p is easily my favorite nexus phone of all time and now that it s two years old you can pick one up for very cheap .

the nexus 6p is still one of the best pure android value smartphones you can get in 2016 .

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this is a tough call i really like both handsets almost in equal parts the nexus 6p is vastly superior in the specs and hardware department .

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huawei has built the first aluminium unibody smartphone for the google nexus range .

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every high end flagship smartphone now holds a great camera and being a photo enthusiast i snap pics now and then the nexus 6p holds an stunning camera .

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we will have to wait until our own review to pass judgement on this matter but if you are to believe camera experts dxomark the nexus 6p camera is much .

note 6p for the last few years samsung has dominated the premium phablet space with its galaxy note devices they had the best screens and the biggest .

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the fingerprint reader worked flawlessly but wasn t always convenient to use josh miller cnet .

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