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the metamorphosis continues as the dragon lady undergos anther stage in its evolution new pics coming in august 2016 posted by eva tiamat medusa .

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it left her with prominent scarring .

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tiamat centre with friends at the new york tattoo convention in june 2013 .

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expenses tiamat who refers to go by it says it has spent nearly 60 000 in the surgeries it has taken to make it look like a reptile specifically a .

transgender woman eva tiamat medusa chops ears and nose off to look like a reptile photos .

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tiamat before her reptilian nose procedure .

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an hiv diagnosis changed everything for richard hernandez who has since become eva tiamat medusa the tiamat dragon lady .

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metamorphosis the good the bad and the beautiful the story of eva medusa dragon lady youtube .

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eva tiamat medusa is a transgender dragon lady .

transgender woman eva tiamat medusa removes ears and nose to become dragon lady daily mail online .

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medusa became the logo for the fashion brand versace and was choose because she represents both beauty and art .

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left now tiamat the dragon right before making the transition to a woman and a dragon richard hernandez is pictured with her son marcos back in 1997 .

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trans woman 55 yr old eva tiamat medusa removes ears and nose maricopa county arizona .

eva before her transformation .

eva tiamat medusa is a trans woman from bruni texas who claims to be the most modified transgender person in the world and if you saw her .

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richard hernandez now goes by the full name eva tiamat baphomet medusa or tiamat for .

bizarre stories .

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this is a personal project where i created 10 different varieties of the iconic versace medusa head using adobe illustrator photoshop .

richard hernandez before his transition pictured with his mama amalia c valdez .

1961 gianni versace works in his mother s sartorial atelier in reggio calabria the city has been a greek colony and a roman town and the medusa .

1519823092 forked tongue tattooed scales eight horns her head eva tiamat medusa self proclaimed most .

as i go through my transition from being a man to becoming a woman there are many things that i will experience i don t know to what extent my friends know .

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tiamat with son marcos .

saatchi art artist faisal alkheriji painting versace medusa mosaic style painting .

fans tiamat has a large following on youtube and facebook and even makes special guest appearances where she poses for photos and signs autographs for .

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meet eva tiamat medusa the 53 year old transgender woman who has transformed herself into a dragon with horns and forked tongue because she wants to live .

man baphomet medusa alters body to look like a mythical creature .

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transgender eva medusa transforming into a dragon lady .

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dragon lady born richard hernandez eva tiamat medusa from texas .

bosslogic on twitter my dream cast for theinhumans medusa is eva green .

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eva tiamat baphoment medusa mulher arranca os ouvidos e parte do nariz para parecer um reptil .

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a tribute is paid to a person after they have died but because noman pan who was one of steve s creations is no longer i felt compelled to speak out on .

you can be anything you want to be after all the most majestic of oak trees was once just a nut posted by eva tiamat medusa .

transgender female dragon 55 year old man surgically removes ears nose to .

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richard hernandez and his son marcos hernandez in april 1997 virtually unrecognisable before the surgery .

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dragon lady tiamat during her transformation .

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photo i did for eva medusa aka the dragon lady formerly known as .

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tiamat in 2015 with his modified nose and ears also visible are her forehead .

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5 abr 2016 para ficar parecida com um dragrao eva tiamat baphomet .

it s almost hard to believe that in two months i will be celebrating the thre .

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1 of 2only 4 available .

in this article we are sharing the details of how eva tiamat medusa who was earlier known as richard hernandez had a drastic change in life after he was .

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