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the new teaser trailer for the lego batman movie has arrived and it s just as funny as the first .

lego batman is a welcome return to an old kind of batman .

you have not been exposed to joker gas the lego batman movie trailer is just that funny .

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the lego batman movie is the funniest superhero movie in years .

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why being a lego superhero is actually a pain in the ass .

of course this isn t the first set of collectible minifigures from the lego batman movie over a year ago we reviewed the first series of 20 figures .

robin s questionable costume choice image tagged in memes certified to .

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lego the joker wide grin from lego batman movie minifigure .

starting with the new batman variants we see the dark knight has been playing a bit with aquaman and has sprouted a black mermaid tail black trident and .

lego batman beyond gotham 9 .

warner bros will release its animated family adventure film the lego batman movie as an ultra hd blu ray combo pack blu ray 3d combo pack blu ray combo .

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this cowl was created by warner brothers creative director derek deal personally it s my favorite out of the bunch of 17 but the aptly named tattoo .

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lastly here s mermaid batman getting all the ladies because he s smooth like that there ain t no more fish in the sea because mermaid batman has lured .

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4 ways lego batman is terrible at team building .

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entertainment weekly has the first shots of two upcoming sets for the lego batman movie that s due to hit theaters next year yesterday we got our first .

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before he showed up on the big screen lego batman had plenty of adventures with .

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the lego batman movie comes to theaters this week to celebrate we have a super fun lego batman joker popcorn treat recipe just like the colorful joker .

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some of the funniest moments come from when the script taps into wider batman mythology and there s similarly sharp and funny moments to enjoy with robin .

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the new lego batman movie looks like it will be just as funny if not funnier than the original lego movie i can t wait for this one .

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will arnett voices the caped crusader in the lego batman movie warner bros .

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the set clocks in at over 3 000 pieces .

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clever lego batman movie is a fun and funny must see for all ages .

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i ve got three fun new tv spots for the lego batman movie for you to check out today the first one that you ll watch titled always be yourself .

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batman easter and funny when i m working with these human farts .

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the lego batman movie is a funny turn at the super hero with some depth in the craziness .

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the movie pulls on the heartstrings ever so smartly with an astute study or re evaluation of who batman really is and red dot diva has to say .

the lego movie funny batman quote if this relationship is going to work out between us i need to feel free to party with a bunch of strangers whenever i .

send free batman lego birthday ecards to friends relatives and co workers .

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the lego batman movie will open in theaters worldwide beginning february 10 2017 it will be distributed by warner bros pictures a warner bros .

happy birthday batman images lovely the lego batman movie 2017 batman and robin in .

lego batman movie batcave break in 70909 .

steel yourselves for a giggle fit because the launch of lego batman 2 comes with a suitably funny launch trailer the free roaming sequel to the caped .

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the last thing i was expecting the lego batman movie to do was to show my daughter how even the caped crusader needs people to care about and what it means .

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