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who would like to see these beautiful birds getting extinct .

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my fav bird the peacock it is so fascinating to see the white indian blue peacock this is the first i have seen of the beautiful white displaying the .

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yet white peacocks can be beautiful in their own ways i find white peacock more endearing and majestic and less aggressive to my eyes .

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you can read more about peafowl here .

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the zoo also has an albino peacock he wasn t displaying like the others but still he s so elegant .

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according to a senior judge peacocks do not indulge in sex .

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albino peacock first saw this picture on my phone still gives me a thrill .

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a rear view of an indian blue peacock s tail feathers .

peacocks are associated with openness as they tend to display all their feathers when they spread their tail peacocks also eat poisonous plants .

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here s how major newspaper reacted your honour mor to zor ka sex kartae hai quoting evidence from birdwatchers and scientists peafowl mating behaviours .

peacock feathers are considered bad luck in the theater .

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shalt not s and i had certainly never heard of peacock feathers being bad luck obviously the manufacturer of these lovely ornaments hadn t either .

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his tail looks lovely here but boy when he puts on a show this photo best captures the colors of the plumage the shape of the tail above reminds me of .

isn t this albino peacock beautiful .

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image of a peahen .

an albino peafowl is no less spectacular despite the lack of color .

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vastu mor pankh or peacock feather is an excellent vastu remedy .

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goodnight friend steemit good night and good luck to the steemit steemit steemit peacock is a very beautiful and beautiful bird with its tail that expands .

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this beautiful white peacock stood out from the beautiful blues and greens of the peacocks that we normally see .

peacocks are beautiful white ones are breathtaking .

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taking flight the bandit eventually grabbed one unlucky peacock tucks it under his arm .

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in hinduism the peacock is associated with lakshmi who is a deity representing benevolence patience kindness compassion and good luck .

i have always been a fan of the jewel coloured birdies but lately i love everything peacock coloured and am incorporating it into my wardrobe makeup .

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