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if you d like to be an everyday hero and help save baby kittens please click here to fill out the foster application and select baby bottle foster .

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sometimes all you need is a video of kittens dancing to cheer you up and these kittens have got their moves down to a tee meet the uptown funk kitties .

i m fostering four 3 week old baby kittens and this one is my favorite .

austin pets alive is filled with baby kittens right now so we have added new training sessions for volunteer feeders in our bottle baby kitten nursery .

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i figure that not all of my posts need to be deep and meaningful revelations about what it is and means to dance so every now and then we get this kittens .

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without help these tiny kittens have a very slim chance of survival luckily you can help and together as a community we can make a difference .

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the outlook for kittens born outdoors is grim 75 percent of them die before the age of 6 months the most common cause of death is trauma although many .

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finding newborn kittens can be exciting but there are many things that you will need to know about trapping and caring for babies .

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