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next there s the fact that fallout 4 offers only two aspect ratios for full screen display 16 9 and 16 10 this is outdated to say the least .

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enjoy the best of what niagara falls usa has to offer this guided tour includes visits to the giant whirlpool where the falls had eroded to over 6 000 .

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over the past few months developer bethesda has been continually rolling out downloadable add ons for its post apocalyptic epic fallout 4 .

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the nights are crisp and clear the sweaters and light coats are being taken out of storage the entire world looks and feels more vibrant fall is on .

congratulations to the winners of our annual niagara falls photo contest we had hundreds of great entries from visitors from all over the world .

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the mod and its quests are fully voiced with the exception of your protagonist you can also expect bugs and errors typical of any beta project with this .

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while we love stomping around in fallout 4 s power armor its flimsy feeling transparent hud leaves a lot to be desired .

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