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i could put dried hydrangeas in every room in the house i love how they are colorful all year round somehow the blues purples and greens manage to go .

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in early to mid summer this hydrangea like vine produces clusters of soft pink capped blooms that attract butterflies and provide a pleasing contrast to the .

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hydrangea arborescens commonly known as smooth hydrangea wild hydrangea or sevenbark is .

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wild hydrangea is a fast growing shrub and is often treated as a herbaceous perennial .

smooth hydrangea care learn about wild hydrangea shrubs .

preserve hydrangea roses and garden flowers by drying then used to create a lovely wreath .

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note in this and previous photo how i trained the vine i put up white .

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the front entrance to my new apartment building in exeter nh was flanked by an arbor with 10 huge climbing hydrangea vines about 20 years old .

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this hydrangea wreath was another project where i used fresh flowers once assembled the wreath dried perfectly .

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drying hydrangeas follow these simple step by step directions to have beautiful dried flowers all .

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for master bedroom dried hydrangeas in an old wooden soap mold even .

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climbing hydrangea creeping up an oak tree showing the interesting peeling bark texture of the .

next i added dried hydrangea .

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this vine is a tower of white when grown on a large tree .

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hydrangeas are a popular garden plant especially the old fashioned snowball or annabelle hydrangea which is a naturally occurring variant of the wild or .

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