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wyatt duncan on twitter we don t see enough of these goofy lookin dinos yeah a t rex is scary been there done that show me some straight up goobers .

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did you know that each year there is a comedy wildlife photography contest that give out awards to funniest animal pictures featured below are this year s .

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i m in a goofy non blogging sort of mood so for today you get some silly photos of me kyle wearing fake mustaches don t we look ravishing .

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a polar bear cub hitching a ride on mama s behind in wapusk national park in manitoba .

not just ordinary kenyan men politicians too like the new alleged directives in eritrea .

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nancy pelosi we have to pass the bill before we can read it .

the late 30s is when they were discovering and polishing the basic animation principles that we still sort of base modern cartoons on only we don t remember .

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after the lecture we moved across the street to choral hall for the masterclass portion of dr sander s visit two of my students played and i am so proud .

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millionaire nancy pelosi complains that congress can t live without their paychecks .

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nancy pelosi showing signs of dementia heard mumbling isn t this a james brown tribute .

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after many instances with nancy pelosi time to demand drug testing she is not right in the head .

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classic pics however are still classic pics and it s important that we don t forget them especially the goofy ones that offer up a temporary slice of .

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aside from the fact that it introduces us to max s love interest roxanne which is like sort of the point of the movie we need to talk about the music .

well check out some of the funnniest memes ushering in 2018 .

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another favorite puts a light note on the decidedly not light israeli palestinian conflict .

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top 5 funny political proverbs in kenya .

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the internet continues to address the situation by making more funny photoshops of the donald these are some of the best we ve come across so far .

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i love the cute goofy moments i have with my boyfriend he is the best thing that s happened to me in a long time .

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we don t see enough of these goofy lookin dinos yeah a t rex is scary been there done that show me some straight up goobers like these ugly .

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janie s been asking me questions about why we don t go to church while .

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here is a compilation of the funniest craziest kenyan memes .

we have four adult children and eight grandchildren i ve been a salem leadership foundation lighting rod associate since 2007 .

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3 why is becoming his dad the worst thing his existence means his dad got more action than him at least once .

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