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the paint work is a little sloppy on the nails and fins which seems to be a trend with bandai they sort of spray paint the figures and it gives an often .

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gamera was a one act tokusatsu kaiju stage show co created by toho company ltd and daiei film company ltd that took place in march of 1970 at the .

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shin godzilla released in the us as godzila resurgence was the monster winner at the 40th japan academy prize awards last evening .

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during the monster boom of the 1960s gamera was released by daiei motion picture company as a rival to the success of the godzilla movies gamera did not .

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many of you will likely be familiar with frank and his work in the kaiju community his artwork is instantly recognizable and one of my personal favorites .

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what better time to look back and rank godzilla s ten best movies there s action adventure a little bit of horror and lots of fake buildings blowing up .

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with the imminent release of the newest version of godzilla the cultural phenomenon of the king of the monsters is back in the public eye .

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