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all eligible entries will be showcased on the giphy channel dedicated to the competition and promoted on social media with the hashtag gifitup2017 .

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07 12 2017 with the messages app in ios 10 and later you can find hundreds of trending gifs in images to add to your messages .

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about six months after the idea was first hatched chung was hired as a hacker in residence at tech incubator betaworks where he brought the gif search .

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at the bottom you ll see your imessage apps all lined up look for the red icon with a magnifying glass and tap on it when you see it .

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swiftkey beta has been updated with a bunch of new features like gif support hashtag prediction and more languages for transliteration .

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gif keyboards usually let you search by keyword or scroll through categories to find the perfect reaction you then use ios s built in copy and paste .

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