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there are four different proton packs that range in blast power much like the range in capturing power like great balls and master balls .

remember the times whwn movies were for men also .

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given the comedic caliber of the ghostbusters cast nobody would have bet that supporting actor chris hemsworth would give one of the film s funniest .

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grab your proton pack and join the ghostbusters alongside your friends exploring manhattan blasting ghosts and trapping those runaway ghouls .

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ghostbusters day why june 8 celebrates the iconic franchise inverse .

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there s an easter egg on this meme .

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researchers at the royal ontario museum have discovered a new species of dinosaur and named it after one of ghostbuster s terror dog zuul .

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although during this article i talk about the movie industry something i know a little about from working on marketing of some previous films .

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i think we can all agree that ray parker s ghostbusters theme song has been perfect for the past 30 years and lil jon s get low well that line about .

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movie s been out for weeks now good luck trying get another 50 million before it .

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11 new ghostbusters quotes that prove the reboot is as funny as the original .

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i just threw up in my mouth so much there are no ghostbusters in these pictures .

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despite the fact that audiences haven t seen a film in 30 years the .

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bad news manosphere f f f f feminists have seized the ghostbusters franchise replacing all of the characters that we ve grown to know and love with four .

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