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effective distracting intervention that is classic nursing in fact it s the kind of thing a nurse advisor would have suggested then elmo asks murthy .

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so why do you love or hate this cute little monster .

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i can t recall a doll or toy with as much hype as elmo unless of course the jelly tool belt is up for debate during the holiday season of 19 naughty .

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elmo magalona surprises his onscreen lady love janella salvador backstage at the abs cbn trade event prior to surprising janella he posted a sweet .

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this is what viewers should find out as sam and kevin fight for their love and prove that they are destined for each other in the finale week of kapamilya .

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kapamilya star janella salvador and newly minted kapamilya elmo magalona will be teaming up for the first time in an upcoming abs cbn teleserye titled born .

in the tradition of keeping filipinos connected to the philippines by bringing homegrown content to wherever they are in the world and enabling them to .

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elmo is perhaps the most popular muppet character of current years and certainly the most recognizable by children elmo speaks in a high falsetto voice .

once again sesame street s esteemed mini monster elmo comes to the rescue of us preschoolers okay i m not officially a preschooler anymore .

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kapamilya star janella salvador and newly minted kapamilya elmo magalona will be teaming up for the first time in an upcoming abs cbn teleserye titled born .

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elmo chooses a subject at the outset of each episode and exhaustively investigates it through a series of recurring vignettes that benefit both from his own .

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