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a beautiful day but very depressing sight of the german soldiers .

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this timberland boot ad makes a very depressing statement about the 99 .

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i hide behind mask to cover my real face my sad depressing face i try .

it was depressing very depressing i worried about how i would make a living .

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my dog is depressed after his haircut .

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the snow man a very depressing sad dark and dreary poem .

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this sadness is unbearable .

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ugh what a dismal observation on the state of our economy companies are almost making as much money from manipulating washington as they earn from serving .

5 attributes .

i had so many people knowing and following me .

you never asked me to stay .

sad and depressing quotes you are the sun you shine just because you are .

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well that is very depressing but i really like the type crazy supermarket sale layout isaiah 24 4 6 by florian mewes .

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i hope we don t have to keep going back over the same territory .

animals got problems brilliant hilarious comics featuring cute animals saying very depressing things .

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q a from quora what is the most depressing anime scene you have ever seen .

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animals got problems is a retro style comic featuring cute animals saying some very depressing things listed below are some of the funniest saddest .

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he reminds me of an anime character i created .

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i hate getting to know people because even normal questions about my life have very depressing .

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so i drew a depressed furry oof it was meant to be sketchy furryartwork furyart depressedfurry furrydepression sketchy sketchyart .

there would peobably be someone but i won t cry and i won t tell cause i ll be strong .

listen to jon hopkins and hayden thorpe s depressing cover of goodbye horses .

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sometimes i m sad and tired and miserable for not reason at all .

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luxury depressing anime quotes i disagree if i have i can escape from this place which traps my .

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so i drew stuff about the black death i drew some very depressing .

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i have no friends or family it s very depressing at times then i remember most people .

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may 16 1972 may 17 1972 howard n lee mayor of chapel hill nc calls shooting .

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my parents got divorced 14 years ago my mom still talks shit about my dad .

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optimistic personality and toxic trying to cover up my toxic depressing personality .

rmx it s getting very depressing .

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whats this talk about panthers killing small children and nick wilde is halfway depressed furry amino .

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censored for yo sensitive asses i feel like crap so venting .

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something so dark can be so beautiful .

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cards against humanity got very depressing tonight .

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very depressing cibc staff losing jobs to workers in india expected to .

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it s a very depressing sad kind of place it just adds to the .

meanwhile other children who had been staying over in huddersfield described factory visits as wizard they said the textile mills were marvellous and .

i .

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good thing you came during the summer in the winter it can get very depressing .

honestly i don t think i d even be on this list .

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