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the american university of nigeria founder and former nigerian vice president atiku abubakar has donated his birthday presents of four cows and 250 kg five .

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how to draw a cute cartoon kawaii cow easy step by step drawing tutorial for kids how to draw step by step drawing tutorials .

bo is one of our first miniature zebu s here at the farm and he is a great herd sire bo is very protective of all our animals and considers them all .

the value of a cow varies across the world to the maasai of kenya cattle are everything food material culture ritual for hindus they are revered .

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gir is genetic heritage for humanity this is the livestock of third millennium .

ankole zebu cattle with enormous horns driven to kisangani city by bahema man democratic republic of congo december 2012 .

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there s an art to buying and selling cows but there can also be a gamble here are some pro s and con s for you to consider when buying cows and then .

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yuvraj a giant 1400kg murrah bull stretches to 14 feet in length and a .

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meet the jersey cows of promised land dairy in our new video series to find out why they and their naturally rich and creamy jersey milk are extraordinary .

friday may 22 2015 .

the zebu is also farmed for meat in some areas and the zebu is considered to be holy in india where the zebu is thought to have originated from .

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our mini zebu cattle is priced starting at 1000 each we have bulls cows and calfs available average size 34 to 50 inches at the shoulders .

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the world s largest janmashtami festival outside of india at bhaktivedanta manor attracted more than 60 000 pilgrims on 21st and 22nd august .

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our miniature zebu cattle are gentle and easy to work with .

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holstein the holstein breed originates from north america the roots are friesian cows imported from holland and the northern part of germany during the .

canada is like an old cow the west feeds it ontario and quebec milk it and you can well imagine what it s doing in the maritimes view quote tommy .

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want to buy cattle here is this website selling them online can be a role model for other businesses too .

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the cow appears to have won its right to live after a campaign by politician pawel .

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this fitbit for cows could help farmers improve milk production .

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bullocks are mainly used for draught purpose cows are poor milkers in the image alongside the smaller cow is a 16 year old vechur cow while the larger .

alec baldwin speaking to protesters at ows you cannot not have strong capital markets in this country or the country is going to go down the tubes he .

cow celebrating great british beef week .

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history of scottish highland cattle short story hardy animals living the good life .

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milking a friesian cow rent to pay cows concept is spreading in kenya .

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originated from the former princely state of vijayanagarm presently part of karnataka .

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characteristics of high milk producing friesian cows in kenya that buyers should be aware of .

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mahatma gandhi quote cow protection to me is infinitely more than mere protection of .

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our customized birthday parties right here on the farm parties are available for booking from april november the happy cow birthday package 350 .

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gir is one of the best milkers among indigenous cattle the breed is also known as bhodali desan gujarati kathiawari sorthi and surati .

fleckvieh dairy cattle breed .

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who said moo cainthus uses breakthrough predictive imaging to monitor the health and wellbeing of .

searching gir cow for sale in gujarat know 7 tips before you buy gir cow for dairy farming .

jerseys a highly productive and efficient dairy breed originating from the island of jersey but now with large breeding populations worldwide .

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cattle used for dairy production .

the cow is of the bovine ilk one end is moo the other milk .

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