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i m using a mix of icons mostly plex for my desktop and token icons for the taskbar the wallpaper here is derpy s favorite os on deviantart .

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its whole purpose is to organize the icons on your computer s desktop i love it you can get it free here .

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so everytime i boot up my computer i have to select all the icons and non squish them .

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desktop icons typically you double click with the left mouse button on one of the icons to launch a piece of software or open a file .

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i don t know about you but i really preferred having the my computer icon right on the desktop seems like modern versions of windows don t have it by .

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iconrestorer is a simple application that lets you to set desktop icons at places you want so irrespective of other people using your pc and shifting your .

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i have a screenshot i took for a backup i needed after a recent hard drive failure which is why it is running in safe mode and another screenshot of what .

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tips if you are wondering how you can add computer to the desktop you can find detailed guidance in how to show and hide desktop icons on windows 8 .

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the arrangement of desktop icons is a matter of a pc s owner at least that s how windows users think however many people are accusing microsoft engineers .

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there is a solution for this problem and a few simple steps can be taken to lock your desktop icons in place .

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desktop icons you would right click on any empty area on the desktop and then click on view and then select the size of the icons either large .

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if you ve previously added or removed the some of the special icons like computer user and control panel to the desktop or just want to know how to add .

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2 right click your desktop and choose personalize .

a dirty desktop is going to slow your computer down considerably .

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