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clown attacks killer clown dressed as murderous pennywise from horror film it terrorises group of teenage girls .

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creepy clown incidents should be taken seriously by law enforcement white house says abc news .

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professional clown club attacks american horror story over murderous character .

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the ten creepiest paintings by serial killer john wayne gacy .

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a person wearing a clown costume the killer clown craze has continued to .

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2 arrested in connection with clown prank resulting in lockdown at connecticut high school ktla .

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passengers beat up clown after he tried to steal from those who didn t give him money .

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police have arrested two men for a clown prank in hazel park .

trobo the clown from kelly brothers circus said the recent attacks with people dressed .

police finally arrest creepy clown after weeks of hiding in woods and attempting to lure children .

teen arrested for clown threat apologizes .

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spotcrime the public s crime map clown sightings and arrests are no laughing matter .

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paris a town in southern france is being banned people from dressing up as clowns this decision is on the basis of the heap of attacks in several parts of .

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these creepy clown attacks have been freaking people for months but now that halloween is almost upon us everyone is mentally preparing themselves for .

clown threats spread after murder in pennsylvania and attack in ohio police and school officials on edge nationwide .

killer clown arrested after twenty seven years of terror .

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march was one of several arrested in the lead up to halloween last year during a .

georgia girl 11 arrested with knife at school says she feared clown attacks cbs news .

wowzer another clown joined the storybook circus .

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clown attacksdad drove when he was over the limit to rescue his daughter because she was scared of killer clowns .

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jazzy drunken clown arrested after shooting gun in the middle of the street .

he did the diablo act for about 2 1 2 to 3 minutes before moving to some juggling tricks .

clown arrested while lurking in the woods .

for starters based what we have heard clowns tend to be hiding in parks either at a playground or nature trail you will most likely encounter one of these .

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