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i have been breeding boxers since 1989 most of my females originate from my first boxer from the early 1980s i have now added some european lines to my .

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still accelerating and producing that wonderful sound which makes me feel relaxed as soon as i twist the throttle i recently got it serviced .

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your local dog show is a good source and is one of the purposes of such shows boxer magazines publish ads from breeders the american boxer club web .

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boxers don t shed .

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origin the boxer was developed in germany the boxer s ancestors were two german mastiff type dogs the bullenbeiszer and the barenbeiszer .

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i m a tall dark and handsome brindle boxer boy searching for my perfect read more about magnus .

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brindle this is a boxer with a fawn type undercoat with darker or black stripes .

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minnesota boxer rescue is a non profit foster based dog rescue organization primarily serving minnesota and surrounding areas operated by 100 dedicated .

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the ideal boxer is a medium sized square built dog of good substance with short back strong limbs and short tight fitting coat .

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this medium sized crossbreed called miniature boxer owns square jaw floppy ears deep chest and muscled legs all features provided by the boston terrier .

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big tex yep he s a big boxer boy and has a personality as big as texas smart strong read more about big tex .

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