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with no muscle in its body the blobfish looks like a gelatinous globule floating near the sea bed it sometimes appears to have a human like face with eyes .

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blob is gone but not forgotten for scientists studying decline in b c fish stocks https .

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that of water this low density allows the blob fish to float slightly above the bottom surface of the sea without having to swim or use any energy .

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community post the blobfish is officially the world s ugliest animal .

this gelatinous deep water fish has a face that only its mother would love found in the oceans surrounding australia tasmania the blobfish leads a .

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the blobfish looks blobby out of the water because it has evolved to withstand the high pressure on the seabed where it lives .

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the blobfish is a deep sea fish which inhabits the deep waters off the coasts of mainland australia and tasmania as well as the waters of new zealand .

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they look like human faces in the water but actually when you take them out its human face disappears and turns dry the blob fish doesn t have any natural .

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fishermen often pick up blobfish accidentally while they are looking for other species .

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