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on from the first work of christ so that his second work may come forth in us the bible patterns used here are ones that are clear and easy to follow .

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ways throughout the ages illustrating different ideas about modesty even in biblical times here are some examples of clothing worn by the ancients .

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when you have something to say what you say how you say it when you say it and where you say it can all shape how your words are received by the .

matthew 5 28 but i tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart .

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god desires to use you god transforms your human weakness into his amazing grace and power when you decide to serve him 2 cor my grace is sufficient for .

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it is important to dress in a way that minimizes temptation for others in matthew 5 28 jesus warns that whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her .

when god looks at you he does not see jesus he sees you sins and all .

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propitiation is not a commonly used word today in the bible it is used in connection with christ s sacrifice for our sins what does this word mean .

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bible believing christians play fast and loose with their sacred text when it suits their purposes they treat it like the literally perfect word of god .

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the heart is used figuratively for the hidden springs of the personal life the bible describes human depravity as in the heart because sin is a .

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that they are not sinners 8 while a larger share 15 prefer not to say if they are sinners at all only 1 in 20 is fine with being sinners 5 .

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are we born with a built in urge to do bad things and disobey god .

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