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bedbug eggs hatch after about two weeks adult bedbugs usually live from four to six .

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bottom row fed bed bugs once bed bugs fed on blood their bodies tend to be elongated after taking blood meal immature tends to be reddish color rather .

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bed bug eggs are semi transparent with each stage of molting bed bugs darken from a light tan to a rusty brown color adult bed bugs are roughly the size .

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in most cases if you have bed bugs you will notice dark colored fecal matter in this area as can be seen below .

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identifying bed bugs adult bed bugs are 5mm long before feeding they are a flattened oval shape and light brown but become rounder and darker adult bed .

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bed bug nymphs must go through 5 different stages of development to reach adulthood during each stage called an instar the bed bug must find a blood meal .

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an adult bed bug is about the size of an appleseed while nymphs are similar to the size of a sesame seed and eggs are about the size of the head of a pin .

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carpet beetles are often misidentified as bed bugs which prolongs treatment so it is important to identify what bed bugs look like first .

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