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armored mammal figures out if it can run away if that won t work it must do something else 2 the armadillo tucks its head and legs into its shell .

the armadillo s hard shell called a carapace is made of bone and a tough .

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giant armadillos are digging machines capable of burying themselves completely in under a minute .

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armadillos spend up to 15 years in the same burrow .

a view of a 1 month old brazilian three banded armadillo at the zoo in wroclaw poland it is one of only two species of armadillo that can roll into a ball .

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armadillo ancestors reached south america around 100 million years ago see more mammal pictures .

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the three banded armadillo rolls into a ball when it feels threatened the protection is almost total .

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a closeup of a slug on a fresh garden tomato he rolled up into a little ball like an armadillo when i touched him .

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or you can set a lethal body grip trap such as a connibear 120 find the armadillo burrow and set the trap right over the hole and then when this dumb .

park on twitter armadillos are the only mammals with a shell but the three banded armadillo is the only one that can roll into a ball todd .

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we re talking about little armored ones in today s blog post armadillos that sort of cute creature that curls up into a ball when threatened is moving .

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rangers in the jambo junction area of the family park in tampa bay florida are keeping a watchful eye on the eight week old three banded armadillo for now .

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nuisance concerns armadillos are expert diggers they can cause serious damage to a lawn or a nicely landscaped area however most of the calls i get .

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some folks with a rosy hue on their necks like to shoot and eat armadillos but if you just want them off your property you can have a professional trap .

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some species like the world cup s brazilian three banded armadillo can curl their armor up into .

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