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today we finished this year s convention in cebu and it was a smashing success 200 people registered during the 3 day event and they came from 14 .

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the big book and twelve steps and twelve traditions may be accessed online .

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if someone is battling alcohol addiction one treatment option that is often suggested is alcoholics anonymous aa this 12 step program is widely .

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it assists in helping citizens properly dispose of medications and keep them out of community s waterways since residents are encouraged not to flush .

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2 unmanageability a a s greatest contribution to addiction treatment .

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if you are interested in supporting kentucky to the world on any level please click the donate button at the top of the page connect with us through the .

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the twelve steps of alcoholics anonymous are a group of principles spiritual in their nature which if practiced as a way of life can expel the obsession .

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we need answers to the problems concerns and issues of life which face us daily the bible is the answer book to all of those .

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if you know who ambushed and killed officer jason ellis call 855 tips c2c 855 847 7222 message us on facebook direct message on twitter c2case or .

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but i did meet a friend of mine last night who is a recovering alcoholic and talking to him about alcoholics anonymous made me .

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manhattan cn breaking with its tradition alcoholics anonymous went to court in new york monday to prevent a draft of its founding manuscript by aa .

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