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animal jam play wild aparri did not play again for over a year .

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aparri .

the pictures below are hints on the locations of each animal and item the animals usually move or are there off and on .

not my video .

the truth about julian2 must watch youtube .

snowyclaw founder .

file julian2 s main arctic wolf png .

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20180412 sabertooths aj .

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aparri v s julian2 for real .

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would you want to order commissions of your own animal drawn as a human please let me know in the comments down below or on my jammer wall in animal jam .

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the animal jam anteater is as tall as a fox up to its body when moves their tongue comes out and curls .

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aparri has the youngest channel of our top 3 youtube stars it was started in february 2015 however in the last two years it has quickly grown to become .

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editing out the animals to fit in ph eagle .

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75 replies 70 retweets 575 likes .

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at first it s easy to recognize lilacpetal and julian2 but the rest take a bit more time to ponder the wolf with the founder s hat above julian is .

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the scariest animal jam masterpiece ft aparri .

members are now allowed to have up to 1 000 animal slots that s insane imagine going from member to non member and having to redo all of your animals .

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this is snowyclaw a famous jammer on animal jam she s my favorite famous person .

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p s i hope you mt shiveer in the backround .

aparri x female reader x julian2 .

youtube star aparri is a talented gamer who is popular for doing what he loves best playing animal jam which has attracted quite a number of fans and .

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i am a animal jam youtuber and instagrammer i am a admin on the animal jam archives and i do interviews updates on new and clearance items .

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buy your preferred animal from the diamond shop .

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now make sure you have 500 gems and then click buy a new animal .

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of a dingo in animal jam they are one of my fav animals besides wolves and i am kinda proud of this for being my first edit hope you all like it .

animal jam high school .

the coloration matches last week s sombrero doesn t it interesting to see what color schemes ajhq likes to stick with maybe they ll make a complete .

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betta542 like many others was unfairly banned from animal jam .

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animal jam arctic fox sold in the diamond shop for 10 diamonds .

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empty threats of bodily harm since you can t hurt me in the game and you don t know where i live in real life .

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a new glitched ring in animal jam .

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animaljam 2 shadow the hedgehog by sondow4ever2 .

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sending about 1 000 of these out to the people who sent anything to my po box animal jamyoutubersyoutube .

as you can see below since the 1000 animals feature came out i ve been rapidly buying up duplicates of the animals i already have .

aparri can t play animal jam .

blue and white arctic wolf from animal jam animal jam arctic wolf drawing .

bepper and aparri went head to head playing fast foodies bepper of mira s team was victorious .

today on my alternate account i went around saying aparri is not cool and other variations of that then i took pictures of people s reactions .

horse .

posting animal jam animals and you will see which one is more popular send me a bell thing idk just send me something i guess lol so here we go vote .

refraction aj .

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